Saved by Grace

band photo


Frankie Rice – Drummer
Steve Taylor – Lead Guitar
Rita Mascaranas – Keyboard
Paula Hope – Violin
Lori Louthan – Vocals
Shylah Arnold – Lead Vocals



Saved by Grace is the worship team for Gideon’s Army ministries. Their spirit filled ministry shifts the atmosphere and ushers in the presence of Holy Spirit. As they release the sounds of Heaven, they create a rich atmosphere ready for revival and transformation.

Each member’s life is a testimony to the grace and love of God. They don’t hesitate to express their deep love for and faith in the Lord. Because they understand His love for them, they are able to minister in song and music in way that truly comes from their spirits.

Just as their worship reaches Heaven, it also reaches the people, touching deep within a person’s heart. As their sound penetrates, people are healed, restored, and set free from the bondage that hinders them. Signs and wonders flow as a┬ánatural part of releasing the sound of Heaven.

You can join Saved by Grace in worship every third Saturday at 6:00pm at New Covenant Church in Woodward, Oklahoma where they open the Saturday night services. Also look for them at nearly any Gideon’s Army Ministries event. Where they are, you will want to be.