Destiny Ministry

Keys to FreedomAt RESET, our mission is see as many people be saved, healed, delivered, set free, and walking in their destiny as possible. This is the heart of Father God, and this is our heart, too. That’s why we created Destiny Ministry.

Destiny Ministry is a 14-week series that takes a person from surviving daily life to realizing their passion and purpose. Over your lifetime, the influence of the world around you impacts the way you perceive and understand yourself, those around you, and life in general. Destiny Ministry seeks to reset your perception and understanding back to alignment with how God sees you.

It helps you overcome the traumas, hindrances, mindsets, and wrong beliefs so that you can unlock your passion and purpose. You’ll discover who and what God has made you to be, begin to reach for it. This is the primary goal of the Destiny team – to help you begin to walk in your God-given destiny.

We don’t dig up embarrassing secrets. Those are between you and God. With the help of Holy Spirit our Destiny team walks you through a series of exercises that will help you receive your healing and allow you to step confidently into your passion and purpose. There’s no hypnosis, no meditation, and no funny stuff. Just Holy Spirit leading you to freedom.

Your freedom was purchased with the highest price of Jesus’ death. The enemy doesn’t want you to walk in it, and is using every means possible to stop you from having what is rightfully yours as a follower of Jesus. Through Destiny Ministry, not only will you receive that freedom, but you’ll be given tools to help you stay free.

No matter where you are in your walk with Jesus, you can benefit from Destiny Ministry. Every week, people are getting free and coming into their freedom in Christ. They are discovering their passion and purpose and taking steps to walk into their destiny.

You deserve to walk in freedom too! Request Info on how you can take the first step toward walking in your passion and purpose.