At RESET Ministries, we believe that the body of Christ cannot be contained within the four walls. We believe that the body of Christ is a force of Heaven to be reckoned with, and if raised up properly, the people of God will impact cities and nations. We believe that the Lord is raising up a generation that prefers real-world authentic to performance, and we aim to teach people how to live Kingdom culture in the real world. We aren’t here to make you feel good. We’re here to equip you through healing, Bible studies, prayer, and equipping conferences to walk out your destiny as you live in real-world Kingdom culture.

Kingdom revolution isn’t about four walls and Sunday saints. It’s about everyday covenant people living Kingdom life. We believe the revolution of the Kingdom has to do with a sudden transformation that causes people to be ignited for Jesus and free to live in His Kingdom without hindrance. It’s messy. It’s crazy. It’s sudden. It’s Kingdom advancement at the speed of the Kingdom! It’s time to get up, get moving, and ignite Kingdom revolution.


Dr. “Dr. KK” Katherine Spann is a follower of Jesus, daughter of Jehovah, and overseer of Reset Ministries. She holds a Masters in Renewal Church History and a Doctorate in Ministry from Central Arkansas Bible College. She is a licensed minister through and the Oklahoma Director for Word Churches International, a network of Word of Faith churches, ministries, and leaders. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband Daniel and their two homeschooled children. Dr. K has a call on her life to activate identity and call into destiny. She fulfills this call through Reset Ministries. Dr. K has a heart to see people out of bondage and walking in the fullness of their God-given identities and destinies.