RESET Ministries seeks to reset identities and destinies from what the world says to what God says. We train and equip people to become what God has designed them to be, and then we launch them into their destinies. Our leaders impart and activate gifts and assignments in those who are hungry for the things of God. Our mission is to unite the true body of Christ not through a church enclosed in walls but by knocking down the walls and teaching the people how to live in Kingdom culture.

As an apostolic training center with a governmental function, the leaders of RESET don’t just deal with people. We also deal with the strongholds that bind cities and regions. Through powerful times of corporate prayer, teaching, and warfare RESET leaders break down the strongholds that keep the people in bondage so that they can be free to live in Kingdom culture. We govern spiritually the territory given to us by the Lord, battling for the people and reclaiming that which belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven.

RESET hosts conferences, workshops, and other events that help the people of God step into their destinies with courage, wisdom, and strength. We provide hands on opportunities to young and old, immersing them in ministry and allowing them to grow alongside seasoned ministers so that new believers can overcome fears that can hinder them in their walk. Because we understand the hardships and struggles of life, RESET leaders walk beside those who are being raised up to help them learn how to stand in faith, overcome the challenges they face, and walk inside the covenant of God.

You can connect with RESET Ministries through monthly emails, events, prayer, partnership, classes, and a host of other ways. Use the links in the menu to choose how you want to connect. Use the contact link for questions on connecting. We pray that through your connection, you grow in your Kingdom life. This is where your today meets your destiny!